The cookies that are used by big4sports do not collecte your personal data

Your IP address is made anonymous and unrecognizable. This happens as soon as our data collection network receives them, before their ever being stored or analyzed.

We use two kinds of cookies:

Essential cookies, which are necessary to assure that functions quickly and securely.

Disabling them can prevent our website from operating properly.

For example, these cookies allow us:

To recognize and memorize the display settings of your navigator in order to format the site presentation to your needs each time you visit (adapting language and content to your global position for example)
To remember data you have input in entry blanks so as to speed up your future visits to our site
To enhance the security of our site (by identifying potential hacking attemps).
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Customization cookies, which help make our website more ergonomic to use

With these types of cookies, we collect anonymous data, such as the number of visitors to our website, the most-visited pages of our site, the average length of visits, and the typical number of pages visits, which helps us better understand the needs and expectations of you our visitors. We can thereby better adapt our site to you, giving you a more satisfying and useful experience.

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