Big4Sports aims at connecting funding sources (public and private) with sports organisations to jointly develop new and innovative collaboration schemes in Good Governance for sport.


Why is Good Governance essential for a mutual trust?


Good Governance is the best way to improve sport organisations’ attractiveness. A sport organisation respecting the highest standards in their way of functioning will increase public and private sectors’ trust toward the organisation.


How does Big4Sports plan to reinforce the capacities of sport organisations in terms of good governance and financial integrity?


The project especially follows the guiding concepts of democracy, transparency, accountability and stakeholder representation. Big4Sports is rounded in a partnership to closely support sport stakeholders improve their good governance schemes, their professional image and processes, taking best practices from the public and private sectors.


Short-term internships as a tool to develop this innovative collaborative scheme!


Big4Sports will organise short-term internships to promote mutual knowledge and learning regarding Good Governance. These internships will be addressed to several profiles within the organisations such as managers, coordinators and coaches for example.


One objective: to develop the future Agents of Change for your organisation!


The individuals who have followed and validated the short-term internships will become, within their respective organisations, Agents of Change.


Their mission will be:


  • to support their organisation reinforcing the existing Good Governance Standards


  • to sensitise for the importance to implement the highest standards possible in order to reassure and attract potential public and private sponsors


  • to strengthen the organisation long-term capacity to effective and sound interaction with potential sponsors.


If interested to read more about Big4Sports and its Agents of Change find out more here: